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  About the world of Planet Ripple-

  For thousands of years the world has remained completely flooded, a sleeping, immaculate blue marble in a black sea. The survivors of the flood have made a meager living in large ships, some rivaling the size of small cities. So much has passed in this new world that some don't even believe there ever was any such thing as land, yet the earth is changing. A great new shift is underway, as new land emerges for the first time in millennia.


  What were once mountaintops in the old world poke through the surface to become new islands left and right, and the prospect of humanity returning to their true home is an exciting one. It's a time of opportunity like none alive have ever seen. The world is waking up.

  But for most, this prospect may be too good to be true. The notorious Barrakuda gang, led by the Pirate Queen herself, has been hired by the elites of the world to keep the new land off-limits to all others. The pirates' army is vast in number, and spearheaded by monstrous cyborg warriors shaped in the image of terrifying sea creatures, unflinchingly dedicated to the Queen and her whims.

  As things stand, the pirates cannot be defeated through force or numbers. It falls on one to find another way to secure a future for the people of a rapidly changing world.

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