Log 3- Healing

  Wow, there's a lot to unpack in this one! So many things to learn about the world in this chapter alone. How certain species have changed since the flood began, a vague idea of just how far ahead in the future this may take place, our first glimpses and meeting with the Merfolk, their children, how people on these ships feed themselves, hints at how the bond between the two species started... and then there's the smaller, more personal things. Things like how Minnow views herself, her self worth (or lack thereof), likely something harmful she was told as a child that she internalized well before Andrea picked her up. One day, we'll find out who taught her to think of herself this way. That won't come for a while, though.

  Remember, each of the pages in these links has a description written below it that goes into greater detail about the things this chapter brings up, so you can always read up on those to gain a little more insight. Think of it like a director's commentary (well, author's commentary, more like it).


  For the moment, I'd say Minnow has a lot to think about.