Log 1- Regret

  Hello there. Welcome to Planet Ripple proper. I'm going to upload a portion of the first book for free, so you can get a feel of whether the comic is for you or not. At the moment, these pages are too small to read the text on some of the smaller mobile devices, but I will find time to redo these pages in as mobile-friendly of a format as I can down the line.


  Logs are what I've decided to call the chapters. You know, like a captain's log. Each will be about 15-25 pages long. This first chapter is a bit of a doosy, showing us the end of a better time for Minnow and the beginning of her early hardships. A lot of the overall mood of the later pages in this log was inspired by Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration," a song I've interpreted as being about depression, and the continuous struggle of slogging through each successive day. I like to think some of the lyrics aren't far off from Minnow's own thoughts in these wordless scenes.

  Things'll pick up for her. Worry not.


  I tried making these pages look big on this site, but I wasn't too happy with the compression and how long some of them took to load, so I've linked each page to its counterpart that I've uploaded in my DA gallery. Clicking on a page's thumbnail here will open the same page there in a new tab. The resolution is great, they load super fast, and when you click to enlarge them they should stay well within the borders of any smaller screens people may use, though you can click again to expand them to 1600 pixels if you're on a mobile device and the text is a tad too small to read. The description written under each page also includes a link to next page, and that links the next, and so on. I know this is a slightly more roundabout way of doing things, and it may seem like a pain to be directed to another site to read these pages, but Wix's pop-ups are tiny and very hard to read, and even just making these images appear bigger without that makes them difficult for some peoples' PCs to load. This way, the pages will put less of a strain on your computer. Maybe someday I'll find a more direct way to store them on a platform like this, but considering it's only the free portion of the comic that's going up and not the entire ongoing thing, I'd say this is pretty acceptable.

  Anyway, enjoy!